Should Your Children Have Their Own Laptops

With the lockdowns and the pandemic, online education took a big leap with lots of companies trying to make the experience as good as a classroom. But with COVID still in the background laptops have become a must-have for every student today.

Laptops have become a mandatory need of every student today no matter where they are based. After taking note of the situation schools, NGOs and governments have come forth to provide every student with a personal laptop and internet at the lowest price possible. Even when schools and colleges have gone back to normal there is no denying that online education is the future of education.

Benefits of Online Education

Online education was forced on everyone during COVID but it has been a blessing in disguise as it has added fuel to the adoption of digital technology in education. There are a lot of benefits of online education below are a few:

Safety- Online education can be experienced from the safety of your home. New skills can be learned, and the true power of knowledge can be embraced. The Internet is used as a standard medium for education and has made access to information much easier compared to textbooks. Now students can stay updated on the latest news, research, and skills.

Saving- In the past Laptops have been a big investment but with the involvement of NGOs, the Government, and refurbishing companies it is not so anymore. It was found that due to laptops the purchase of outside textbooks has reduced hence saving a lot of money for the students. There has also been a decrease in the demand for paper which in return has helped reduce worldwide paper waste making it a more eco-friendly process.

Clarity- Teachers and students are no longer restricted by geography. Online classes have made it possible for students to gain knowledge from teachers around the world. Online classes have made it possible for students to learn French from a teacher in France while sitting in India. You do not need a passport or visa to be part of a classroom abroad.

Online classes at first look like an unfair move towards the economically weaker section of society. But with refurbished laptops and cheaper laptops coming into the mix it is no longer an unfair advantage towards anyone but a blessing in disguise for everyone.

Why do students need a Personal Laptop?

A personal laptop can do more for students than just a way to attend class. There is a range of extracurricular activities to be indulged in from the safety of their homes. Completing assignments and creating notes using the internet has become an important part of their education. Today students are able to collaborate with a group of students and teachers to prepare for exams from home.

Even before COVID shut schools down most textbooks came with interactive CDs and video presentations to make the students understand the subjects better. Students were not able to go through the CDs due to a lack of a personal laptop.

Teachers have turned to live sessions on YouTube and Instagram to capture the attention of students in a more comfortable environment. With their own laptops, students can connect with the teachers and be on the same page as them.

Features to Consider in a Laptop for Online Education

For students, there are some essential features they must have on their laptops.
Camera: Having a good-quality camera for online classes is a must. A 5MP camera with a good resolution is needed for clarity on Zoom and other platforms. Make sure you get a camera shutter to add some privacy.
Battery: A powerful battery helps the laptop be independent of the power source. 8 hours of battery backup will be really useful in keeping up with classes.
Connectivity: WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity is mandatory so that your kids can connect wirelessly to the internet and their earphone. Wifi connectivity with hot spot will also depend on the same.
Mic: Online classes are a two-way communication so a mic with some noise cancellation is necessary to keep the communication clear
Durability: As the laptop will be used by kids a durable system with a metal body would be best suited to ensure longevity.


Specs to Consider

Specification of the laptop is very important. You won't be needing very high specifications as students but a dependable configuration should be opted for by students. You don't want to have any issues while you study, so the laptop needs to be reliable and work smoothly.

Below are the specifications of the HP Chromebook which is the most affordable and minimum configuration laptop in our collection

HP Chromebook delivers fast performance at an affordable price.

  • Powered by AMD A4 1.2 GHz up to 2.4 GHz

  • 4GB DDR4 RAM with 16GB SSD storage

  • AMD Radeon R4 Graphics

  • 11.6 inch HD screen

  • 720P HD Camera

  • Spill resistant keyboard 

  • Multi gesture click pad

  • 1-Year PAN India Warranty. Experience hassle-free ownership, with PAN India's comprehensive warranty covering component, labor, and shipping