An Introduction to Refurbished Laptop

When it is time to buy a laptop, you may have to spend a sizeable amount of money to get a good laptop with the latest specs and processors. But if you do not have the budget then you would have searched for a cheap laptop online. Well if You have then you would have definitely stumbled upon the term refurbished laptop in your search for a cheap laptop. 

Refurbished laptops will not only save you money, most come with great features and an extended warranty. People who have bought refurbished laptops know that there is great value for money.

What does refurbished mean?

Refurbished actually means laptops that have been opened and returned unused or a used laptop which has been sent to a factory for restoration. In theory, a refurbished laptop should be in an almost new condition. 

Refurbished Laptop Grading

Grade A- Almost pristine condition, no signs of wear, have up-to-date features and a current processor

Grade B-show obvious signs of usage, such as dings and scratches or worn keys

Grade C- show obvious signs of physical wear and tear, and they will typically be two to three years old or older

But Refurbished can mean many things depending on the Vendor selling the product

The laptop has been returned due to defects to the Manufacturer and is now being resold after being fixed

The laptop was unboxed but returned due to some reason and is resold by the manufacturer

The laptop was returned to the seller within the return period in working condition. After Quality checking is re-sold

The laptop has been used for many years and sold to a retailer. After repairs and quality, checks have been conducted, it is resold.

A Few Hidden Benefits

There are some other benefits to buying a refurbished laptop apart from a lower price. For Example, refurbished laptops usually come with a new version of the operating systems and software at no additional cost. Refurbished laptops go through more quality checks than new laptops by trained experts. And the most important benefit is to the environment as refurbishment reduces your carbon footprint. The average CO2 emission in the production of a laptop is 331Kgs. So by buying a refurbished laptop you would not only benefit your financial situation but also our environment.