Marathwada Institute of Technology Embraces Refurbished Technology

Client Profile

Marathwada Institute of Technology (MIT) is a renowned technical institute in Maharashtra, catering to the educational needs of students in rural areas. Established in 1984, MIT has consistently strived to provide its students with the best possible learning environment, encompassing cutting-edge technology.

Problem or Challenge

Previously, MIT relied on a local vendor to procure used laptops and desktops for its students. This approach proved unsatisfactory due to several factors - 

  1. Unreliability -  The used equipment often fails to meet the demands of academic workloads and modern software programs, leading to downtime and disruptions in learning.
  2. Lack of Warranty -  Without a comprehensive warranty, MIT was left to bear the repair costs of malfunctioning equipment, adding to the overall expenses.
  3. Minimal Support -  The local vendor provided limited post-purchase support, making it difficult for MIT to address technical issues promptly and efficiently.
  4. No Buyback Option -  MIT was unable to resell the used equipment upon upgrading, limiting its financial flexibility.


In search of a more sustainable and cost-effective technology solution, MIT embarked on a journey to partner with a reputable technology provider. After careful evaluation, the institute decided to collaborate with NewJaisa Technologies, the largest seller of refurbished laptops and desktops in India and a pioneer in the remanufacturing industry.

    Results and Outcomes

    The collaboration between MIT and NewJaisa Technologies has yielded remarkable results, transforming the institute's technology infrastructure and enhancing student learning experiences. Here's a summary of the key achievements - 

    1. Cost Savings -  MIT has significantly reduced its technology expenses by opting for refurbished equipment, without compromising on performance or reliability.
    2. Reliability Improvement -  Refurbished laptops and desktops have proven to be highly reliable, meeting the demands of academic workloads and software requirements.
    3. Extended Equipment Lifespan -  Refurbished equipment undergoes rigorous testing and refurbishment, extending its lifespan compared to new devices.
    4. Comprehensive Warranty -  NewJaisa offers a comprehensive warranty on all refurbished equipment, providing peace of mind and minimizing repair costs.
    5. Buyback Option -  Upon upgrading, MIT can resell the refurbished equipment back to NewJaisa, further reducing its technology expenses.
    6. Environmental Sustainability -  By utilizing refurbished technology, MIT contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing the environmental impact of electronic waste.
    7. Student Awareness -  MIT has also taken the initiative to educate its students about the benefits of refurbished technology, promoting sustainable practices and resource conservation.

    Refurbished-pc-at-MIT     Refurbished-store-at-MIT


    "NewJaisa Technologies has been a valuable partner in our journey towards providing our students with access to the latest technology infrastructure. Their expertise in refurbished technology has enabled us to optimize our technology costs while maintaining the quality and reliability we demand. We highly recommend NewJaisa to any institution seeking a cost-effective and sustainable technology solution." - Vice-Chancellor, Marathwada Institute of Technology