L.R. Academy supports Refurbished Technology for a Brighter Future

Client Profile

L.R. Academy is a passionate educational institution dedicated to nurturing responsible and compassionate individuals. Their curriculum emphasizes not just academic excellence but also the development of essential human values like honesty, kindness, generosity, and respect. To foster inclusivity and tolerance, they celebrate diversity and instill positive regard for others. L.R. Academy believes in empowering students to become active members of their community and responsible citizens of the world.

Problem or Challenge

Equipping their students with the necessary technology for learning was a significant challenge for L.R. Academy. Traditional brand-new laptops and desktops were expensive, making it difficult to provide them for all students. This limited access created a barrier to learning and hindered their goal of ensuring equitable access to education.

Solutions Available

L.R. Academy explored various options to address this challenge. They considered purchasing refurbished laptops and desktops as a potential solution. Refurbished technology offered several benefits, including - 

  • Cost-effective -  Refurbished devices are significantly cheaper than brand-new ones, allowing L.R. Academy to equip more students with the tools they need.
  • Environmentally friendly -  Choosing refurbished technology reduces electronic waste and promotes sustainability, aligning with L.R. Academy's values.
  • High-quality performance -  Refurbished devices undergo rigorous testing and repair processes, ensuring they perform optimally.

Results and Outcomes

Refurbished-laptops-at-LR   Refurbished-laptop-at-LRA

By embracing refurbished technology, L.R. Academy has achieved remarkable results - 

  • Increased access to technology -  L.R. Academy has been able to equip all students with laptops or desktops, ensuring equitable access to educational resources.
  • Improved learning outcomes -  Students now have access to software and online tools that enhance their learning experience and promote engagement.
  • Cost savings -  L.R. Academy has realized significant cost savings by choosing refurbished technology, allowing them to invest in other essential areas of the school.
  • Reduced environmental impact -  By opting for refurbished devices, L.R. Academy has significantly reduced its carbon footprint and contributed to a more sustainable future.


  • "Refurbished laptops have been a game-changer for our students. They are now engaged and excited about learning, and their access to technology has opened up a world of possibilities." - Principal of L.R. Academy
  • "NewJaisa made the entire process of acquiring refurbished technology seamless and stress-free. Their expertise and commitment to quality were invaluable." - IT Manager of L.R. Academy