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NewJaisa offers a wide selection of high-quality, refurbished laptops, desktops, mini PCs, and Chromeboxes at unbeatable prices. We are committed to providing schools with reliable technology solutions that meet their budget and sustainability goals.

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Why Choose NewJaisa for Refurbished Electronics?

Cost Savings

Up to 70% off compared to new devices


Each device undergoes rigorous testing and refurbishment


Expert advice for delightful shopping


Reduce your environmental impact by choosing refurbished electronics

Wide Selection

Find the perfect devices for your needs

College Franchise Program

Let your Students get Affordable Tech through NewJaisa

Popular Products for Educational Institutions

Mini PCs for labs and classrooms


Desktops for administrative staff

Flexible Payment Options

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Upfront Payment

Direct purchase For businesses with available capital, up front payment offers the advantage of immediate ownership. You make a single payment for the total cost of the refurbished devices, and once the payment is received, the equipment is yours to use without any ongoing financial commitments.

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No burden of upfront costs Rental agreements offer a flexible and short-term solution for businesses with temporary or project -specific needs. Whether you require additional devices for a specific duration or want to test our refurbished equipment before committing to a purchase, our rental options can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

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Tax-saving Leasing provides a cost-effective alternative for businesses that prefer to spread the cost of acquiring technology assets over time. With our leasing options, you can enjoy the benefits of our refurbished desktops and laptops without the need for a large upfront payment and enjoy tax benefits as well. 

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Bulk Purchase Discounts

Buy More, Save MoreFor businesses looking to make a substantial investment in refurbished technology, we offer attractive bulk purchase discounts. This option is ideal for those who wish to acquire a significant number of desktops and laptops at once while benefiting from additional cost savings.

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Customized Financing

We understand that each business has unique financial considerations. Our team is open to discussing and creating customized financing plans that align with your budget constraints and long-term goals. This allows you to structure payments in a way that suits your cash flow and financial strategy

Our Partners Loves Us

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What Our Customers
Have To Say

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Sayantan Halder

Hello, I bought 1 HP laptop from NewJaisa, and it's working smoothly. and it was a wonderful deal, all original software, office, windows.Thankyou  NewJaisa

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I want a product for my personal use has very good performance.I loved this product. Thankyou Newjaisa 

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Robin Luwang

I want to use for Business purpose and Newjaisa Systems are in good condition and they provide Excellent tech support.Thankyou NewJaisa

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Ordered a product for my business name KTSR GROUP and found this product is very good and amazing to use. Happy with the product purchase & service. Thankyou NewJaisa

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Case Studies

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L.R. Academy Lights the Way with Refurbished Technology

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